Apr 13
Spring brings warmer weather and lots of fun. People plan their outdoor activities during this time. Activities like beach sports, marathons, picnics, parties, events etc. take place in this delightful weather.  People prefer shopping new things during the spring season and thus, it is a right time to offer them coupons and discounts on variety of branded shopping items available. As spring has always been a great time to do promotions, Bodek and Rhodes, a wholesaler of imprinted activewear from Philadelphia has partnered with Adidas and TaylorMade for a two-month promotion activity that will involve products of the two brands.
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Your Spring Savings

Bodek and Rhodes customers are eligible to earn $25 in Dining Dough certificates for every 12 pieces of Adidas or TaylorMade merchandise purchased. Orders can accumulate over the promotion period. Customers can then use the Dining Dough Web site to redeem the certificate at thousands of participating local restaurants or with selective online retailers for flowers, fruit baskets, cookies, seafood, barbecue, coffee or spa.
The special savings offer by Bodek and Rhodes reveals that $1 will be off on the purchase of all Adidas clothing done during March and April.
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