May 24

Promotional products are an important part of strategic marketing.  Successful companies and big brands use this strategy to create a strong brand identity and to beat their competitors. Customized and high-quality promotional items allow you to develop a positive brand image to help you achieve your specific requirements and goals! Thus, it is very important to order your favorite items from some of the reliable suppliers in the industry.

We provide you a list of top 40 suppliers that have made their mark in the promotional industry of USA.

Top Promotional Product Suppliers by ASi Central

1 Norwood/BIC North America
$410 million
2 Broder Bros. Co. $328.6 million
3 Ennis $309 million
4 Polyconcept North America $275.4 million
5 SanMar $267.6 million (E)
6 Bodek and Rhodes $140.1 million
7 Ash City $125 million
8 Staton Corporate and Casual $115.7 million
9 S & S Activewear $115 million
10 3M Promotional Markets $100.2 million (E)
11 Sunscope $90.5 million
12 American Apparel $90 million
13 River’s End Trading Co. $79.1 million
14 The Magnet Group $79 million
15 Hit Promotional Products $73.5 million
16 Gemline $71 million
17 Profill Holdings $70.7 million
18 Sweda Co. LLC $65 million
19 PromoResource One/ADG Promotions $51.8 million (E)
20 Tri-Mountain/Mountain Gear $50.6 million
21 Cutter & Buck $50.3 million (E)
22 Corvest $50 million
23 Blue Generation $49 million
24 Dard Products $47.5 million
Virginia T’s
$47 million
26 Vantage Apparel $45 million
27 Lanco Corp. $44.5 million
Edwards Garment
$44.1 million
29 Sanford Business-To-Business $39.6 million
30 Gill Studios $39.59 million
31 Bag Makers $39.5 million
32 Noteworthy Co. $38 million
33 Prime Line $37.2 million
34 Stouse $35.4 million
35 Barton Nelson Inc. $34 million
36 Gold Bond $31.8 million
37 Garyline $30.8 million
38 Vitronic Promotional Group $30 million
39 Starline USA $25.5 million
40 Otto International Inc. $25 million
May 20

Promotional products are one of the best advertising tools that can promote your brand efficiently. They are used as free promotional gifts that are given to the target consumers and clients on special events and occasions. You can also use them as tradeshow giveaways to expand your customer reach. However, besides being economical and practical items, you need to make sure that you go for high-quality promotional items that offer a long shelf life.

See to it that you order your products and get them customized from a reputed distributor in the industry.  Here is a list of the top 40 distributors for your reference.

E = Estimated Revenue Numbers


1 Staples Promo Products
$360.8 million (E)
2 Proforma $234 million
3 Group II Communications/IMS $207 million
4 BDA $198.7 million
5 4 Imprint $165.4 million
6 Halo/Lee Wayne $139.3 million
7 Cintas $134.4 million (E)
8 Geiger $134.3 million
9 National Pen Corp. $130 million
10 $120 million (E)
11 American Solutions For Business $96.5 million
12 Adventures In Advertising $92 million
13 WorkflowOne $82.8 million
14 Tic Toc $82 million (E)
15 Summit Marketing Group $81.95 million
16 Banyan Incentives $80.5 million
17 InnerWorkings $76.5 million
18 Kaeser & Blair $75.2 million
19 EmbroidMe $71 million
20 Myron $65.3 million (E)
21 Accolade Reaction Promotion Group $65 million
22 MTM Recognition/Mid West Trophy $63.2 million (E)
23 Brown & Bigelow $57.5 million
24 Jack Nadel International $56.4 million
The Vernon Company
$55 million
26 Artcraft Promotional Concepts $51 million
27 Evigna $50.7 (E)
$47.8 million
29 Newton Manufacturing $45.9 million
30 G & G Outfitters $45.5 million
31 GMPC LLC $40.5 million (E)
32 Norscot Group $32.4 million (E)
33 Boundless Network $32 million
34 GatewayCDI $31.2 million
35 Positive Promotions (E) $30.8 million (E)
36 Caliendo Savio Enterprises – CSE $30.3 million
37 Axis Promotions $26.3 million
38 Genumark Promotional Merchandise $26 million
39 eCompanyStore $25.7 million
40 PromoShop $23.2 million
May 19

The sales promotion service industry in USA provides its clients with well-designed promotional marketing solutions that include consumer sales promotions, trade promotions, sales incentive programs and much more. According to recent news, the US sales promotion services industry has achieved a phenomenal growth.

US sales promotion service industry The US sales promotion services industry includes about 4,500 establishments (single-location companies and branches of multi-location companies) with combined annual revenue of about $13 billion. Major companies include subsidiaries of large marketing firms such as Carlson Marketing and subsidiaries of major advertising agencies such as Omnicom and WPP. The industry is fragmented: the top 50 companies account for less than 30 percent of industry revenue. Companies in the sales promotion services industry provide promotional products imprinted with the name, logo, and/or marketing message of clients.

Competitive Landscape

Demand is driven by economic growth and by corporate profits. The profitability of individual companies depends on efficient order fulfillment and marketing. Large companies have economies of scale in procurement and the ability to offer other marketing services. Small companies specialize by type of sales promotion product and differentiate themselves on customer service, particularly speed of delivery.

Products, operations and Technology

Major products are shirts, writing instruments, desk/office accessories, glassware, and caps/headgear, all customized with the customer’s name, logo, and/or message. Other products include sporting goods, bags, magnets, and stickers and decals.

Sales promotion services companies have offices with showrooms to display the products and services offered. Companies process a large number of small custom-imprinted orders. Customers place an order with the sales promotion firm, which then orders the items from various suppliers that engrave, imprint, or embroider the logo or marketing message.

Apr 16
83% of consumers like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message.

PPAI Research

Recently, Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) revealed some interesting statistics about the impact promotional products can create. As per this research, 83% of consumers reported that they like receiving Promotional Products with an advertising message because these products are useful and durable. Most of the customers recall these products and the brands associated to them.  This shows that companies can rely on giving away the promotional items to their customers as they help their customers remember the brand. And, for this reason, companies consider promotional products as the most preferred forms of brand advertising. High-utility, low-priced promotional products help in getting your brand repetitive exposure as customers find them handy and convenient for everyday use.

Apr 13
Promoting a brand has become uncomplicated with promotional products. The Promotional Industry is aware of the fact that these cost-effective, utility products are the best advertizing instruments to be used for creating a long lasting impact in the customer’s mind. Promotional items carrying the logo of the brand prove effective as the brand name gets repetitive exposure through them.
Most of the brands have laid their focus on utilizing the various social networking platforms to expand their customer reach. Experimenting with different types of social media tools has become a popular trend to capture the business growth by harnessing the power of these networking sites. In spite of channelizing such highly credible activities with a diligent approach, the Promo Industry experienced a dip in the sales of the products, especially in the third quarter of 2009.
The 2009 Counselor State of the Industry Report revealed following statistics -
  • Sales for the third quarter of 2009 decreased by 10.9 %
  • Third quarter 2009 sales decreased by $551 million vs. the third quarter of 2008, based upon the industry forecast of $19.6 billion in sales last year, and the 2005 Counselor State of the Industry report showing that 25.9% of sales occur in the third quarter.
  • Nearly one-third (30%) of respondents reported an increase in sales, up 11 percentage points from 19% during the second quarter.

Sales declination experienced by major categories of the promotional industry has been a result of the prevailing effects of recession and the weak economic condition of the International market. Out of 25 product categories, the first 10 product categories such as Shirts, Bags, Headwear, Desk/Office Accessories, Writing Instruments, Wearables, Glassware/Ceramics, Computer-related Products, Health and Safety products and Electronics received mix results. Total Industry Revenue of the product categories for 2009 differed and showed dramatic shift as compared to the previous results of 2006, 2007 and 2008.

The 2009 Counselor State of the Industry Report included the evaluation of the social networking methods adapted by the distributors and suppliers and presented the following summary:

  • More than 50% of distributors have an account on Facebook and Linked In; other networking sites like MySpace, YouTube and Twitter are less utilized.
  • Distributors are more aware of Twitter, YouTube and Facebook than MySpace and Linked In.
  • 30% to 60% distributors give preference to Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace for business purposes; YouTube is still not used to its potential for planning business activities.
  • Distributors have spent more months on networking platforms like MySpace, Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter while YouTube is completely out of the picture as far as consistent presence in concerned.

The Impression Study revealed by the report states that product categories that included bags, caps, shirts and writing instruments are more popular and end-users tend to hang on to them because of their durability and long shelf life. An End-Buyer Catalog Study demonstrated in the report shows that over one-half (53%) of the time, catalogs are referred to every time something is needed. This suggests the need to keep catalogs in the hands of the end buyers at all times.

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