May 04

Companies focus on launching new products for marketing their brand in a better way. Different promotional ideas are implemented to execute the launch agenda successfully. This kind of marketing approach works well as it creates a buzz about the new product and helps in spreading the brand name faster than ever. Pennsylvania-based Leed’s, a member of Polyconcept North America, the second largest hard goods supplier within the promotional products industry has launched a new e-showcase: a customizable website for distributors to market new products for 2010.

leedsworld launchs a new product

This website will showcase and sell over 500 new Leed’s products for 2010, with new products to be added throughout the year, as they are launched. Leed’s has added a “Contact Us” option that allows distributors to display relevant contact information, as well as a “View Our Website” button that helps visitors navigate back to distributors’ websites. The company received a positive feedback last year on the launch of the e-showcase and it sure to get the similar feedback this year as well.

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